3rd Nine Weeks Reading Requirements

For this 9 Weeks, we are making a few slight changes to the requirements for independent reading.

Regular English 10 Classes

*6 Books* (Don't forget to look at page count information!)

1 of your books will be a set of 10 articles and/or videos on your selected research topic.

During the month of February- Read something by an African American author and earn an "extra book!" (Ex. 1 book would = 2, 2 books would = 3, and 3 books would = 4!)

You must journal 3 books! (A good journal should have around 15-20 (or more) GOOD entries. You should address every LOT number!)

After turning in your journal, you may use a Book Log to record the rest of your books.

Articles do not have to be journaled or logged. You will be doing an annotated bibliography for these.

Pre AP English 10 Classes

The above assignments are yours as well, but I am including one more item. You must complete a Lit Circle assignment for 1 of the books on the sign-up sheet in my room. This will count toward your 6 books as well. Journal or log this book as you read independently. Entries will help your group with discussions.

Available Lit Circle Titles:
Of Mice and Men- 100 copies
Atlas Shrugged- 25 copies
Fountainhead- 25 copies
A Separate Peace- 6 copies
Girl With the Pearl Earring- 4 copies
The Giver- 33 copies
Animal Farm- 14 copies
The Red Badge of Courage- 15 copies
All Creatures Great and Small- 16 copies
Night- 27 copies
The Scarlet Letter- 14 copies
Tale of Two Cities- 18 copies
The Adventures of Huck Finn- 15 copies
I, Robot- 9 copies
Jane Erye- 1 (Harmon) and 4 (Huff)
Bless Me Ultima- 4 copies (Huff)
Kiterunner- 4 copies (Huff)
In Cold Blood- 4 copies (Huff)
Nickel and Dimed- 4 copies (Huff)
To Kill a Mockingbird- 1 (Harmon) and 4 (Huff)
Feed- 4 copies (Huff)
Neverwhere- 4 copies (Huff)
Heart of Darkness- 4 copies (Huff)
Anthem- 2 (Harmon) and 4 (Huff)
Slaughterhouse Five- 4 copies (Huff)
Enrique's Journey- 4 copies (Huff)
Tess of the Davervilles- 4 copies (Huff)
Tony Dungy- Quiet Strength- 4 copies (Huff)
Lance Armstrong- It's Not About the Bike- 4 copies (Huff)