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Bell Ringer

Make sure you have a book for lit circles! Check out the list!
Lit Circle Groups- Look at the dates for Lit Circles and determine your group's pacing. Divide the books into chunks to be discussed during each lit circle.

Mini Lesson

Student video examples of the use of of propaganda techniques in commercials.
Read several examples of texts from the following website:
  • Read selections from "Examples"
  • Discuss types of propaganda evident in the texts


With your group, create a multimedia presentation showing examples of 5 types of propaganda techniques! (I strongly suggest using Google Docs, which allows you to collaborate. It also gives an embed code!) Embed your presentation on the attached wiki page.

Individual Assessment

Log in to Quiz Star to take the quiz titled "Propaganda, Rhetoric, and Persuasion... Oh My!"

Independent Reading Time

Read in your lit circle novel! Get at least 1 journal entry finished!


Read in your novel! Journal! Begin completing the handout for Week 1 Lit Circle Preparation. This will take a little bit of extra research on your part!