Read six (6) "books" each grading quarter.
Choose a variety of texts--short stories, poems, articles, blogs, videos, images, podcasts, and books--appropriate to your reading level.


    • 1-299 pages = 1 book
    • 300-599 pages = 2 books
    • 600+ pages = 3 books
    • 10 themed articles--on one particular topic/theme (requires separate MLA annotated bibliography)

      • At least four (4) of the six required reads must be BOOKS; you may count no more than two (2) article sets of ten as part of your independent reading each quarter.

Exercise a balanced reading diet.

  • Read for pleasure and for learning--deeper, analytical reading.
  • Read fiction & nonfiction, poetry & prose, old & new.
  • Read print and digital texts, including magazines, newspapers, blogs, websites, online articles, photo essays, videos, podcasts, and, of course--books.

Create a shelf for your blog using

  • For each book, write a review. Include a SHORT synopsis, highlight a particular story grammar (character, conflict, writing style, etc.), whether or not you would recommend this, and who would you recommend it for.books-arent-dead.jpg
  • Have a little fun with GoodReads! Create your profile, find friends, recommend titles to each other!

Keep a reading journal, showing ACTIVE, CRITICAL reading.
  • Your journal is not the place to revise and edit and compose polished pieces: It's the place to record what's going on in your brain when you read. Jot, doodle, list, graph, draw your thinking!
  • Review the reading journal page to see what should be going on in your brain when you read and get detailed instructions for your journal.

Publish to your blog two (2) thINK's inspired by at least two different texts you've read recently (not in fifth grade!)

Check out the thINK page for more details.


To sum up your independent reading requirements...