Essential Question: How Can I Stay Safe Online?

  • What is cyberbullying, and how can I protect myself?
  • What is netiquette?
  • How can I use social networking sites safely?
  • How can I protect my identity online?


Working with your team, you will complete a webquest to explore online safety basics. You'll also learn how to create a wiki page and add content.

With your team, read the directions below. When you're ready, go to the **WebQuest** and begin! NOTE: We will NOT create the presentation as the webquest instructs.
  • Negotiate which group members will play which role in the quest: Cyberbully Cindy, Netiquette Nate, Social Sally, Chatty Chris.
  • Individually, explore the links given under your assigned role. NOTE: The BrainPOP videos for each role may have trouble loading. Watch these videos last as you may not have time for them.
  • Answer the questions listed for your role using the information you learn in your exploration.
  • Confer with your group to share what you've learned.
  • Work with your group to create a wiki page to share TEN TIPS FOR STAYING SAFE ONLINE.
    • Create a new page.
    • Hyperlink your group number below to the new page that you created. You can rename your group if you would like!
    • Add your TEN TIPS to the page.
    • Find a photo on that compliments your content and add it to your page. Make sure to give credit to the photo source at the bottom of the page!

1A Groups:
Caucasian Invasion
Group 2
Im going to bully you
Group 4

2A Groups:
Shelby, Jaron, Josh, and Trae
Sooper Dooper Blast Boys
pam sam casey cody
Austin, Edwin And Dominique
Group 5

3A Groups:
Tess, Big Dan, Katy, Ashlyn
Caitin, Tori, Mason, Chelsea
Jessica, Lainey, Jimmy, Mikaela
Group 4 Javier,Migual, Carina
Group 5

1B Groups:
Halle, Hailey H., Joyner
The Spicy Flamingos
Spicy Tacos
Hayley, Luis, Kinsey, Kendra.

3B Groups:
The penguins
Emily, Crystal, Houston, Aliyah
Ninja Babies
Tiger Hoods
Honest A.B.E (Austin, Bobby, Emily)
4B Groups:
Knights of Ni
Mexican Bunnies
The Breakfast Club